Soft Demolition

??????????Soft Demolition or Deconstruction

Whether your home or building contains any type of hazardous material or not, our soft demolition or deconstruction services include removal of the interior build-out of commercial structures or any area of a residential structure including:

  • Selective interior or exterior demolition
  • Total building interior strip-outs
  • Partial or complete structure demolition

We are very skilled at interpreting plans and adhering to the precise wishes of our clients and are careful not to damage unaffected parts of the structure.

Our soft demolition or deconstruction services often involves demolition by hand, however machinery and equipment are brought in when needed.

Our crews will also salvage and recycle materials whenever possible to help reduce the cost the project and impact on the environment.

On tenant occupied projects we can do the soft demolition under containment and negative air pressure to eliminate dust from entering into non effected areas, which generally happens during selective demolition activities. We are uniquely qualified for this due to our skills in containment for hazardous materials.

Hard Demolition

Mold Solutions, Inc. does not do hard demolition but we work in conjunction with local demolition contractors for the complete demolition of residential, commercial or industrial structures. Upon request we will direct you to three local respected and experienced demolition contractors to get competitive estimates and will handle the required notifications.